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Arise presents an all new range of Rice Cookers. These well designed kitchen products aim at completely transforming the way you cook.

Available in distinct shapes and sizes, these high-end models come equipped with additional features ideal for cooking rice with perfection at home. Team at Arise has invested effort and technology along with futuristic looks and intelligent design taking extra care to make these rice cookers energy efficient. A blessing for home makers, these cookers make cooking simpler, easier and healthier.

These cookers are ideal for homemakers who multitask and wish to cook fluffier and nutritious rice. These nifty appliances befit the daily requirements of cooking rice as per your specifications and keep on giving excellent results consistently. All the models featured in this range are easy to use and clean. Some of these products also feature programmable settings which help in keeping the food warm till it is served. Browse through the featured models and select one that suits your needs and budget.